I am twenty-two years old and I am Catholic.  Hence the name of my blog.  The URL – magicinkanddreams (magic, ink, and dreams) – comes from a 14 year old me – give or take a year, whenever I started using blogger – and reflects a more hopeful and innocent me.  I keep it in case anyone from my former blogging circles wanted to look me up.  And also, because I still want to believe in magic and in dreams, at least as much as I believe in ink, which is my secret super power.

Whenever I try to describe this blog or explain it, it turns out to be immensely difficult.  I have all these feelings and thoughts in myself that go into the production of this blog, but when I try to explain them succinctly, it’s dull and boring and even I don’t want to read it.

Suffice it to say that right now, I am 22 and I am Catholic.  But this blog is not like many other Catholic-themed blogs… I guess because it’s not really “Catholic themed.”  It’s just Catholic.  I have a deep and necessary faith in God which I haven’t been able to entirely abandon, even though I don’t always trust in his benevolence.

I’m struggling.  I’m struggling with my identity as a woman, I’m struggling with my identity as a Catholic, I’m struggling with my identity as an American, as a daughter… in so many ways.  And I wish that I could just churn out academic and logical essays, but where I’m at in my life right now, I’m 21.  I still have to rely on my experiences a lot in my writing.  I don’t yet know what is universal, whether I’m normal, whether anyone should listen to me, what other people are going through – I just have a taste of that, not a full understanding.

So this blog is about what it is like  for me  to be 22 years old and Catholic.  And I think my experience may turn out to be a lot more relatable than the typical Catholic website so I’m happy, even excited to share.

If you have questions about me, feel free to ask via any method that you can find.  I’ll happily answer.

Please note that I migrated most of my content from the past 6 years onto this platform and some of my views and perspectives have changed since those entries were posted.  But I’m keeping them for the sake of humility/pride and discussion.