Life has been going really fast since school started.  I miss blogging.  But if I’m honest, I know that the reason I haven’t blogged has nothing to do with not having time.  It has more to do with lack of mental willpower and energy, and maybe with laziness.

Teaching has been incredible – perhaps it is my dream job.  The people I work for and with are amazing and supportive, and I couldn’t ask for a better work atmosphere.  I love the planning.  Planning is one of my favorite pastimes that I don’t get to indulge in often enough.  But I’m slowly learning to love the teaching as well.

At first, I had a bumpy start that sent me into a kind of shock.  Teaching became just something I had to do during the day.  Teaching became dealing with students.  But slowly, we’ve been developing a relationship, and I’m learning how to relate to teenager students in such a way that I remain an authority figure but they don’t revolt against me by instinct.

I’d like to start publishing serial fiction – I’m trying a genre I’ve never written before, comedy.  And I hoped to publish professionally so that I could earn some money and I would be held to deadlines.  Unfortunately, I haven’t yet found a platform I’m happy with, and some platforms require that I shell out some cash or that I only earn money if enough people like what I write.  And I’m just not sure I want to get into that system.  So I may end up publishing on my own blog, although I’ll earn nothing from it and I can’t promise to be reliable.

Also, as a side note, it’s autumn in Louisiana and 90 degrees outside.  Oy. Vey. #NewEnglandGirl