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“And they’ll know we are Christians. . . .”

The current state of the Catholic Church is appalling.  Recently, my alma mater fired the only professor that really opened my eyes – and the only person, sometimes, that keeps me in my faith.  I keep thinking: if she can be Catholic, with all the shit she puts up with, there must be something worthwhile here.  But most days, I don’t see it. Continue reading ““And they’ll know we are Christians. . . .””


Darkest secrets

I’m afraid to write, afraid to speak.  My heart is full and heavy, and what can you say when it feels that way?  I’m afraid to be seen but I want you to see me – my greatest fear, my greatest anxiety always is that any person at any time will form an impression of me in their mind that wrestles away my identity from my possession; that I will act contrary to my true beliefs, my true feelings.  I feel the strong pull, evermore, to retreat into the darkness and never come out… to cower in fear from anyone who approaches me and turn tail. Continue reading “Darkest secrets”


When hallelujah turns into help me
Anybody out there listening
Come to my aid now and soothe my soul
Forgive my selfish needs and perpetual frailty
Please don’t toss me on the heap
because I’m tender
Forgive my wayward path
Trespassing on the sacred ways of the strong
And the men of ancient tradition

Wrestling with the readings

Sunday 7.9.2017

When I lived at home and had gotten my driver’s license, I signed up for a Holy Hour at a local chapel adjoining the church my family sometimes went to for daily Mass.  I was throwing myself at Jesus at the time and it was a great way to get some privacy to focus on him and beg him to answer me.  I filled pages and pages of my journal.  And I truly did feel a sort of peace there. Continue reading “Wrestling with the readings”

My 4 favorite gardening tools

My four favorite gardening tools right now are the spading fork, weeding hoe, weeding tool, and hand rake.  These things can make your life a hellova lot easier and can be very useful. Continue reading “My 4 favorite gardening tools”

Ordered more tea from!  Great teas, great service, great warm feeling inside every time I drink tea 🙂

5 tips for beginning vegetable gardeners


(Above: a small peanut plant)

[Written two weeks ago.]

It’s almost too good to be true – this week of rejuvenation.  Easter Break is a beautiful time, but not – I am somewhat ashamed to say – because I am particularly religious.  Ten days of not teaching were indeed a gift from Heaven – and if I relished yard work more than the Mass, who can say I didn’t worship God?

Now, however, it is Friday.  Only three days of freedom left.  But I am reluctant to begin the process of returning.  So instead, I’ll use this stolen time to write the advice I would love to give. Continue reading “5 tips for beginning vegetable gardeners”

Dug a new bed so I can plant peanuts when the soil is warm enough.  On the far right, I marked a plot for strawberries.  The secondary compost pile (leaves on the left) will evtually be a pumpkin patch as well.  I want to be roasting seeds in the fall!

A rich life

It’s been too long since I’ve written, but I was relieved to know that it’s only been 3 months.  Let me share some of what I’ve learned and done. Continue reading “A rich life”

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